Employee Feedback helps InfoCision Become a National Top Workplace

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Do employee benefit and amenity programs really make a difference in workforce morale? Oftentimes we hear corporate leaders talk about finding meaningful programs to show employees that the company cares about them. But do employees reciprocate those feelings?  It can be hard to know.

Here at InfoCision, we know.

Last week, we let you know that InfoCision received word from Workplace Dynamics that our company is ranked in the 150 top workplaces nationally, based on the results of the Plain Dealer’s regional Top Workplaces survey program conducted in 2012. In short, we are on this list because our employees think we’re getting it right.

Of course this ranking is a tremendous honor for InfoCision, and something we are all very proud of!  But more than that – it is a great validation for all the benefit and amenity programs InfoCision has launched in recent years to help employees achieve a healthy work/life balance and to succeed both at work and in their personal lives. The programs REALLY DO make a difference to them.

Feedback from employees should be the key to your benefit programs

InfoCision’s benefit programs have worked well largely because we do two things on a regular basis:

1)      We constantly evaluate our employee amenity programs.  The things that are working we try to do better.  The things that aren’t working, we try to fix them.  If they can’t be fixed, we are willing cut our losses and move on to the next good idea. And we always solicit employee feedback so their feelings are at the center of those decisions.

2)      We ask employees what they want.  It seems so simple, and yet I’ve found that many companies try to find solutions in a cookie-cutter approach rather than basing programs around their specific workforce. In direct marketing, we know how valuable personalization is to our product and services offerings.  It should be the same with our employee benefits and amenities.

At InfoCision, we offer things like on-site fitness centers and wellness clinics, annual health fairs, access to flu shots, paid smoking cessation, subsidized weight loss programs, a free employee assistance program and many more things that we have found work well for our employees.  Those things might not work for every company, but they work for our terrific employees.  How do we know?  Because they have told us.

Congratulations to InfoCision for being named one of the National 150 Top Workplaces by Workplace Dynamics, and thanks to all the people who help to make InfoCision such a great company! But you don’t need your employees to rank you among the best companies to know if your employee benefit programs are working.  You can just ask.

For a quick look at life at InfoCision, please click here, (InfoCision Top Workplace video).  If you have any comments or questions about building a top workplace, please comment below.

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