Complex professional fundraising topics explained in January’s FundRaising Success

Professional fundraising has been a hot topic in the media over the past several months, as nonprofit organizations and their fundraising partners  have come under scrutiny based on erroneous news reports.  There is a terrible lack of understanding among the media and the general public about what fundraising is and how it works.  Couple this with gross inaccuracies by some reporters and you have people questioning what’s really going on.  Fundraising is a complicated and emotional subject.  InfoCision has been working to provide educational information.  We have been using our blog to do this and I can refer to our fundraising series and our website for more information.

professional fundraisingIn the January issue of FundRaising Success magazine, Tom Harrison, CEO of Russ Reid, does an outstanding job of succinctly explaining why professional fundraising is so important for charitable organizations in achieving their mission.  I highly encourage anyone who has questions about fundraising to read this article.  Mr. Harrison puts this issue into terms that are very easy to understand.  I applaud him for writing it.

If you have any thoughts on the article or questions about professional fundraising, please let me know.

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