InfoCision employee Ed Port’s battle to overcome NF-2 featured on TLC; and why helping employees in need is more than good business

Last week, The Learning Channel aired a program featuring the story of one of InfoCision’s outstanding Communicators, Ed Port.  Ed suffers from a condition called Neurofibromatosis Type 2 (NF-2) that produces benign but highly intrusive tumors on his face and head. Although his condition has been present since he was young, the tumor had continued to grow and began to significantly affect Ed’s daily life. The program, called “My Giant Face Tumor” tells Ed’s story of searching for a doctor and insurance company that would take on his case and help him to get the surgeries he needs to improve his quality of life.

After years of searching and meeting with doctors, Ed finally found the right doctor in Dr. McKay McKinnon with St. Joseph Hospital in Chicago, and also found an insurance company that would help pay for the surgeries. He is now on the path to realizing his dreams, and we couldn’t be happier for him.

I’m proud to say that back in 2010, InfoCision employees donated $10,000 to Ed’s cause, and the company matched for a total donation of $20,000. Our generous employees also donated roughly nine months of sick time for Ed to use as he recuperates from his surgeries.

Why helping employees in need is more than good business

I talk a lot on this blog about the importance of connecting with employees.  InfoCision employees and the company regularly come together to support co-workers in times of need such as illnesses and other personal tragedies.  From a business perspective, it makes sense because employees know that if they have a rough break the company is there to support them.  But more than that, it’s simply the right thing to do – because your employees are the ones taking care of your business every single day, and driving the success of your company.  It’s only right to reach out a helping hand when they need it.

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