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Cincinnati Bengals Build Organizational Unity Doing the Right Thing

We’ve discussed the importance of building a positive, family-like company culture on this blog before. The Cincinnati Bengals, an NFL team in InfoCision’s home state of Ohio, recently provided a wonderful example of how this can be accomplished. Not long ago, Bengals defensive tackle Devon Still learned that his four-year-old daughter Leah had pediatric cancer […] Read More

Voice Interactions and Quality Reps Still Reign in the Contact Center

On this blog we frequently discuss how critical it is that contemporary businesses employ multichannel marketing and customer service solutions. Indeed, customers increasingly expect to be able to reach a company via their preferred channel, meaning a multi-channel approach is essential to providing a high quality of customer service. Still, voice remains the most popular […] Read More

Are All Your Departments Working Together?

Using a Band-Aid to cover up recurring issues and inquiries simply won’t cut it anymore in customer service. Today’s contact centers need to do more—and it all starts by collecting customer service feedback. Such input can be used to improve existing processes across an entire company, thereby driving contact center services ROI. For instance, if […] Read More

Score Customer Service and Marketing Touchdowns This Season with InfoCision

Are you ready for some football? For millions of Americans excited about this NFL season, the answer is surely a resounding, “yes.” Fans hopeful to see their team hoist the championship Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season understand that the team that wins the title will work seamlessly together as a unit to do […] Read More

Are You Protecting Your Contact Center Investment?

As an executive, you are quite familiar with resource management. When you earmark your company’s hard-earned money for a project or purchase, you expect to see a return on that investment. When you hire a new employee, you expect that individual to produce results. When it comes to the contact center, however, many decision-makers simply […] Read More

Going Back to School on Contact Center Best Practices

With autumn around the corner, students across the country have grabbed their backpacks and headed back to school for a new year of learning. For the first few weeks of the school year teachers will review old material to ensure students remember what they learned last year before they move ahead to new topics. In […] Read More

Ask Yourself: How Hard Are You Working for Your Customers This Labor Day?

Near the close of summer every year Americans honor our hard-working spirit on Labor Day. If you run a successful business, you’ve almost certainly put in long hours and gone above and beyond in your quest to create an outstanding product or service. But as you enjoy the holiday this year, we encourage you to […] Read More

The Top Ways Your Company Can Use Big Data to Improve Marketing and Customer Service

Perhaps you’ve seen big data mentioned in a radio or television commercial, or maybe you’ve read an article or two on the subject. The concept can seem a bit confusing. Simply put, big data is information too large and complex to manipulate or organize manually or with standard methods. The idea has gradually made its […] Read More

Five Attributes Every Great Communicator Needs

Every second that a call center rep spends stumbling over facts about the company’s product or putting a customer on hold to find information is a second wasted on the customer service front. And, eventually, if the customer reaches his or her boiling point a hang-up is inevitable. Just like that, another consumer is lost […] Read More

In Marketing, as in Life, Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket

A successful investor on Wall Street is confident a hot stock is going to soar, so he throws everything into it. However, unaware that negative company news is about to hit, his entire investment is quickly wiped off the map. Just like that, he learns the hard way to diversify. The same goes for marketing; […] Read More

U.S. Businesses Losing Major Cash Due to Poor Service

After waiting for a customer service representative for what seems like an hour, you finally reach a rep only to learn he or she cannot answer your question. And so begins the round-robin of agent routing. By the time you hang up the phone, you’ve lost valuable time and are left with a poor impression. […] Read More

Don’t Learn the Impact of Poor Service the Hard Way

Perhaps the only thing that can impact a business more than providing a great customer experience is providing a lousy one. When consumers spend their hard-earned money on a product or service they expect to be treated well, as they should. With seemingly every industry crowded with so much competition, consumers will simply take their […] Read More

Shining Brightly With Customer Service ‘Extras’

We’ve written a lot on this blog about quality of customer service as a competitive differentiator and its evolving role in business. Of course, the best way to drive home just how important the customer experience is in today’s market is to look at a real-life example. Recently, a story broke about three Lowe’s employees […] Read More