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Is Customer Care the New Sales?

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Things used to be simple. There was one goal: to make sales. There was one set of people tasked with doing that (the sales department), and one entry point to the sales funnel (the top). All that’s gone the way of the dodo. Now, with much of the […] Read More

Five Ways to Please Disgruntled Customers

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Moment after moment, day after day, customer care agents are presented with a string of opportunities to promote customer engagement. In the contact center, many such moments are a challenge. Emotions sometimes take center stage. Customers may call feeling disappointed about a purchase, stressed about a bill, or […] Read More

How to Solve Common Social Customer Care Shortcomings

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff The future is here. Ten years ago there was no social media, smart phone apps, web chat, and very little email. Today, according to the 2015 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, 35 percent of all interactions between customers and businesses are digital and, of the contact centers surveyed, […] Read More

Outsourced Customer Care Services Are On the Rise, Here’s Why

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Sometimes, you need a partner to survive. It’s tougher than ever to achieve superior satisfaction levels among customers today, mainly due to three new realities: 1) Businesses are striving to be in constant touch with their customers in an effort to attract and engage them with their brand. […] Read More

Three Important Customer Care Tips You Learned From Mom

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Moms the world over are known for their great advice, always encouraging and (almost) always right. In honor of their special day, here are a few of mom’s most popular golden nuggets, with a twist: These bits of advice are meant to inspire greatness in your Communicators. Wait […] Read More

The Three Legged Stool: Marketing, Sales and Customer Care

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Running a successful business is no easy task. As much as we wish there was, there is no magic formula for success. There is, however, a well-proven strategy that today’s most successful companies use to achieve optimal results. Dubbed the “three legged stool,” this strategy involves marketing, sales […] Read More

Predicting Consumers’ Next Move is Key to Customer Care Success

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Today’s customers have pretty high expectations for businesses. Not only do they expect that the brands they do business with will know them like the backs of their hands, but they also want more personalized experiences. Communicators, however, aren’t mind readers nor do they have a magic crystal […] Read More

Why Positive Reinforcement is Essential to Communicators’ Success

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Customer care representatives have a mentally grueling and incredibly tough job.  While other employees can hide in their cubicles when they’re having a tough day, Communicators must constantly display a sunny and positive demeanor when speaking to customers. Unfortunately, Communicators don’t always get the credit they deserve. In […] Read More

Want to Improve Your Marketing Strategy? Start With Customer Care

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Do you want to improve your marketing strategy, but you feel like you have exhausted all options? While it might not seem completely obvious to some, marketing and customer care go hand-in-hand. In fact, when you improve your customer care, you improve your marketing as well. Just consider […] Read More

These Three Companies Are Winning the Customer Experience Game

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff What do L.L. Bean, Amazon and Nordstrom all have in common besides selling apparel? These three companies are doing a great job at winning the customer experience game in an ultra-competitive environment in which it is difficult to succeed. After all, achieving the highest quality of customer experience […] Read More

The Contact Center Market Is Growing: What’s the Impact?

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Just last month, contact center leaders received some encouraging news. According to research from Technavio, the global contact center market is expected to reach USD 9.7 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of over nine percent. What’s more, the report also found that the United States, Canada […] Read More

Is It Possible For Communicators to Be Too Empathetic?

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Not everyone is cut out to be a contact center agent. These individuals must have a very specific set of unique skills to successful perform their jobs. After all, it takes a certain type of person to deal with a range of customers each and every day. Empathy […] Read More

Improve Employee Engagement With Social Media Integration

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Today’s digitally savvy customers are dialing back on 1-800 numbers and increasing their use of social media when contacting brands. More and more customers are opting to communicate with brands via social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, as opposed to traditional channels. In fact, research from […] Read More