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The Top Ways Your Company Can Use Big Data to Improve Marketing and Customer Service

Perhaps you’ve seen big data mentioned in a radio or television commercial, or maybe you’ve read an article or two on the subject. The concept can seem a bit confusing. Simply put, big data is information too large and complex to manipulate or organize manually or with standard methods. The idea has gradually made its […] Read More

Five Attributes Every Great Communicator Needs

Every second that a call center rep spends stumbling over facts about the company’s product or putting a customer on hold to find information is a second wasted on the customer service front. And, eventually, if the customer reaches his or her boiling point a hang-up is inevitable. Just like that, another consumer is lost […] Read More

In Marketing, as in Life, Don’t Put All of Your Eggs in One Basket

A successful investor on Wall Street is confident a hot stock is going to soar, so he throws everything into it. However, unaware that negative company news is about to hit, his entire investment is quickly wiped off the map. Just like that, he learns the hard way to diversify. The same goes for marketing; […] Read More

U.S. Businesses Losing Major Cash Due to Poor Service

After waiting for a customer service representative for what seems like an hour, you finally reach a rep only to learn he or she cannot answer your question. And so begins the round-robin of agent routing. By the time you hang up the phone, you’ve lost valuable time and are left with a poor impression. […] Read More

Don’t Learn the Impact of Poor Service the Hard Way

Perhaps the only thing that can impact a business more than providing a great customer experience is providing a lousy one. When consumers spend their hard-earned money on a product or service they expect to be treated well, as they should. With seemingly every industry crowded with so much competition, consumers will simply take their […] Read More

Shining Brightly With Customer Service ‘Extras’

We’ve written a lot on this blog about quality of customer service as a competitive differentiator and its evolving role in business. Of course, the best way to drive home just how important the customer experience is in today’s market is to look at a real-life example. Recently, a story broke about three Lowe’s employees […] Read More

Ensuring Great Customer Service…Right Until the End

When experts discuss the importance of providing high-quality customer service, it is usually as part of a recipe for increasing satisfaction rates, retaining customers and boosting revenues. In other words, these pundits are generally talking about building and improving relationships with existing customers or prospects. But what about a customer who makes the decision not […] Read More

Is Your Customer Service as Good as You Think?

Companies generally don’t aim to provide a mediocre customer experience. In fact, 68 percent of businesses plan to increase what they spend on customer management this year, according to the “2014 Call Center Executive Priorities Report.” Several recent studies further evidence the fact that the majority of businesses now view customer service as a top […] Read More

What the Experts Are Saying About Multichannel Marketing and Customer Service

We are now past the halfway point of 2014 and this year, in particular, I’ve gleaned a lot of valuable insight from customer service and marketing experts. Of course it’s impossible to share every salient point, but here’s a look at our top two choices: Kate Leggett, customer service expert, Forrester “In 2014 and beyond, […] Read More

Independence Day: Freedom from Contact Center Concerns

Every July 4th Americans celebrate the birth of our nation and the freedom our forefathers gained when they broke away to form a democratic republic. As the picnics, celebrations and family gatherings transition back into the work week, it is also a time to reflect on our freedom of choice in a marketplace with a […] Read More

A Halftime Recap for InfoCision in 2014

It’s difficult to believe we’ve already reached the halfway point of 2014. It seems like just last week that much of the country was buried under a continuous onslaught of snow, dreaming of warmer days ahead. Now that the more hospitable weather has finally arrived, I thought it would be a good time to recap […] Read More

What to Look for in a Multichannel Marketing Partner

So you’ve decided your marketing efforts need a serious boost. To get it, you need to team with a partner that offers multichannel marketing solutions. Now comes the tricky part: which partner do you choose? While every company has its unique needs, there are a few things you must ensure your partner can provide before […] Read More

Exciting Takeaways from Epic Experts

Just over a week ago, InfoCision sponsored and attended the InterAction 2014 marketing summit at The Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing—and the highly anticipated event did not disappoint! This year’s conference was particularly exciting, as it featured contributions from some of the leading voices in the marketing space. Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing […] Read More