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The Pros and Cons of Starbuck’s ‘Race Together’ Campaign

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Starbucks, the coffee industry giant, is receiving mixed reviews after launching its controversial “Race Together” campaign. The coffee chain, which serves up designer beverages to millions of customers each day, is now trying to affect change among race relations by inspiring baristas and patrons to discuss the topic […] Read More

The Importance of Making On Hold a Last Resort in the Contact Center

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff There are some unbelievable stories about companies that don’t put a concerted effort towards their quality of customer service. In fact, just recently a woman spent six hours on hold with American Airlines trying to rebook her cancelled flight due to weather-related issues. Instances such as this not […] Read More

Exploring the Multichannel Marketing Ecosystem

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff As of late, the preferred method of customer service isn’t necessarily through the telephone. Consider the consumer habits of millennials—a generation highly reliant on Internet and mobile-based communications. In fact, a survey from the customer service tech analysis company Software Advice revealed that 56 percent of respondents aged […] Read More

How to Turn a Customer Service Interaction Around in Minutes

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Technology can only help contact center agents so much when a service call goes inexplicably awry. In those situations it is the agent’s personality and genuine empathy shown for the consumer that can turns the interaction around immediately. In serving today’s consumers, using business intelligence is a remarkable […] Read More

Excellent Customer Service Isn’t Luck, It’s Strategy

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff If you’re hoping your customer service tactics land your organization in a pot of gold this St. Patrick’s Day you’ll need more support than a four leaf clover. Companies that provide unmatched quality of customer service attribute it to something more than luck—but rather, a well executed and […] Read More

Predicting Customer Service Success: The Importance of Data Analytics

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff I think most would agree with this suggestion:  consumers expect customer service agents to know how to efficiently solve any and every problem at hand. Due to the fact that agents aren’t mind readers, supplying your contact center with the right tools to better identify future customer inquiries […] Read More

A Great Customer Experience Starts Behind the Scenes

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Like any critically acclaimed theater production, the key to its success is in the actors’ and actresses’ delivery. But, the delivery wouldn’t amount to much without a director’s guidance and a production team working tirelessly behind the scenes throughout the play. Believe it or not, the same amount […] Read More

How Call Center Analytics Influence Positive Customer Experiences

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Many may be unaware of this truth, but the secret behind exceptional customer service has not only to do with expert Communicators, but much to do with hard facts provided by data analytics. In an era where tempers are running shorter but quality of customer service is rising […] Read More

Three Reasons Contact Center ROI Might Be Alluding You

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff As a business leader, is there anything more frustrating than investing in best-in-class business solutions and not being able to realize their full potential? Take the contact center space as an example. Perhaps you’ve invested in third-party contact center solutions provider to augment your customer service, but you […] Read More

It’s Not About How the Call Starts, But How it Finishes

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff It’s amazing how much technology the average Joe has available at his fingertips today. While it’s convenient that such advancements have mainstreamed through our society, many users are still unfamiliar with the functions of the products and services they implement each day (consider your grandfather with his new […] Read More

Let Analytics Tell You the Interaction Story

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Years back it was nearly impossible to monitor the flow of a customer service call or the rate of success among a staff of operators. A lack of insight on the Communicator to customer interaction left contact centers in the dark when it came to improving strategy. Now, […] Read More

Do Your Employees Love Their Workplace?

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff No, we aren’t getting sentimental; Cupid’s special day has already passed. What we’re here to talk about is the importance of employees who love their work. A recent survey from Virgin Pulse showed that 60 percent of people say their relationship with their employer positively impacts their productivity […] Read More

InfoCision Honored for Providing Opportunities to Individuals With Disabilities

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff In my opinion, the recruitment goals of any company should focus solely on a candidate’s merit, work ethic and abilities. In staffing contact centers, the key component to success is one’s ability to communicate effectively in order to ensure superior quality of customer service. We are honored to […] Read More