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In Customer Care, You Must Pave Your Own Way

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff No two marketing strategies will share the same results when implemented in different industries. Therefore, when it comes to customer care organizations can’t simply follow the pack by adopting software and strategies used by other companies. Rather, they must investigate what’s working within their specific industry. For instance, […] Read More

Maybe they’re born with it…Maybe It’s Excellent Professional Development

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff No two Communicators are the same. Some Communicators were simply born with social intuitiveness and an aptitude for customer care, while others need a bit more TLC to reveal their inner greatness. Don’t give up on a Communicator just because he or she has had a few hiccups […] Read More

Customer Care Industry More Optimistic Than Ever Before

There’s no denying the fact that the customer care industry has gotten a bad rap over the years, as today’s consumers have higher expectations than ever before. In fact, a recent survey from Parature, found that 53 percent of consumers have higher expectations for customer care than they had a year ago. Fortunately, the customer […] Read More

Food For Thought: Millennials Customer Care Expectations Don’t Include Smartphones

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff When you hear the word “millennial,” a picture of a young, digital savvy individual with his or her eyes glued to a smartphone usually comes to mind. After all, millennials grew up with technology, using it to do pretty much everything from ordering a pizza to booking a […] Read More

Improving Your Customer Care Strategy-It’s Easier Said Than Done

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Let’s face it; airlines don’t have the best reputations in the customer care space. One airline, however, is hoping to turn things around. According to a recent Forbes article, United Airlines is admitting that their customer care hasn’t been the greatest over the past several years. In fact, […] Read More

Does Digital Improve Real-Time Customer Support?

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff From booking flights to ordering dinner, today’s consumers handle many routine tasks online. As consumers continue to rely on digital, businesses must adjust their customer support by offering real-time customer support. Enter live chat. Live chat has become a valuable communication platform for businesses, allowing them to offer […] Read More

The Truth about Donor Retention in Nonprofit Fundraising

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Successful nonprofit fundraising requires a strong marketing strategy and the use of intuitive technology that gleans actionable insights about prospective and existing donors. After all, retaining donors is much like retaining consumers in that organizations must understand their audiences’ demographics and interests so that they can personalize and […] Read More

Making the Case for Human Interaction In An Increasingly Robotic World

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff The phrase, “there is a time and place for everything” couldn’t ring truer when discussing the dilemma modern contact center leaders face when striking an appropriate balance among digital, automated and phone-based customer care support options. For instance, when consumers are pressed for time, access to digital support […] Read More

Defining and Delivering Next-Level Customer Care™: My Personal Journey

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Sometimes I simply cannot believe that 30 wonderful years have already passed since my first day at InfoCision. Since 1985 I’ve been right here, honing my skills, satisfying my hunger to learn more and working with industry experts who, along the way, have successfully helped me define and […] Read More

Five Tools to Help You Provide a Stellar Customer Experience

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff We’ve evolved the term “customer service” into the more apt phrase “customer care” as it encapsulates the delivery, process and results that contact center leaders strive to produce for their consumers. As such, contact center employees are now expected to do more than solve problems, but provide a […] Read More

How To Deliver Buzzworthy Customer Care

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Besides commenting on breaking news, celebrity hearsay and updates on latest trends and predictions across various industries, social media users also love to comment on their customer care experiences. And consumers trust word-of-mouth (WOM) reviews from their friends, family and fellow social media users more than any other […] Read More

Merging Marketing and Customer Care Goals for Social Media Success

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff Social media platforms, when they were in their nascent stages, were primarily used for connecting with friends and family in the digital realm. They served as places to communicate and keep abreast of updates and developments in your peers’ lives on a daily basis. Due to the frequency […] Read More

The Impact of Language In Customer Care

By Steve Brubaker, InfoCision Chief of Staff If you could sum up the main objective of customer care in one phrase it would be high quality communication. It’s the quality of communication between the Communicator and the customer that makes or breaks the interaction. As well, Communicators must be malleable with their conversational skills as […] Read More